Church informations of Japan Assemblis of God, Kansai


The JAG Relief Action Updates (English Edition)


This site will show you some basic information about our churches in the Kansai district, Japan.

If you need more informations, please contact by email or by phone that is found in each page.

And if you need to know more about our organization, please check this site below.

Map of Kansai

leaf Click the name of district below.

We welcome you in our church!


We do have Sunday worship services. And we also have other programs on Sundays and weekdays. Please check the pages on this site.
If you want to show our churches to your Japanese friends, We also have a Japanese site for them.

  • Sunday Service
    • Worship and Bible time.
    • Please check by email or phone, whether they have English services or not.

  • Programs for Children and Family

  • Other programs and events
    • Depending on the churchs some have groups for men or women, young people, and the elderly. Also some have English conversation classes and intercessory teams.
    • Some churches have special events.
    • Counseling, Bible study, gospel, concert.
  • First you had better contact the church you want to know either by email or by telephone.

    (You can find the email address or phone number in each page of this site.)  

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